FUN Friday!

This blog is new, which means I need to post often to establish it, but I’m finding that difficult to do during the holiday season. Perhaps starting a blog five days before Christmas wasn’t the wisest idea I’ve ever had, but I had to take the dive I’d been avoiding all year.

I’m going to be busy celebrating tonight and tomorrow and don’t have time to write a great post for the weekend, so I leave you with a couple of songs and a cute cat video to kick off your Friday. I hope you have a safe and happy weekend, and I’ll see you again as we embark on the new year.

And because everyone needs to giggle sometimes, especially on a Friday!

What are your plans for the weekend? Share with me! And don’t forget to go to the Home page at the top of this blog to subscribe by email.


4 thoughts on “FUN Friday!

  1. I’m glad you liked that cat video! I’ve been busy reading. Some for beta, some for reviews and some for just fun! I know I’m a little behind but thank you so much for the preview of the 3rd book! It looks amazing as always. You are such a gifted writer and I cannot wait to read the rest of the series. I just love the mystery and I really want to know more about Finley and what the real deal is with Quin. So, love me some Quin!

    We will be celebrating with friends through the weekend and I just went on a shopping spree for new clothes yesterday. Just enjoying every minute of this wonderful Christmas break. Have a wonderful last few days of 2012 and I wish you much sucess in 2013!

    • LOVED the cat video! And I’m not usually a sucker for cat videos, but this one I’ve watched over and over again and keep laughing. I even made my husband watch it. He was like “eh”, but my six-year-old cracked up.

      I understand being busy, especially this time of year, but I’m glad you got to read the preview! I can’t wait to give you guys the rest. It’s kind of killing me to know what’s going to happen and not be able to blab about it. Quin *swoon*. I don’t know how anyone couldn’t love him. And Finley… well, you’ll have to read Deception ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Shopping spree! Fun! I drove to 4 1/2 hours to Missouri last night and back to Oklahoma tonight, but I got to see some family and the kiddo had a blast.

      Thank you for commenting on my spanking new blog, and Happy New Year to you, too! 2013 will be great for both of us ๐Ÿ˜€

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