Teaser Tuesday (Mystic 3: Deception)

Before launching this blog, I brainstormed content ideas and decided to start a Teaser Tuesday. Posting teasers is one of my favorite things to do on my Facebook page. In fact, I can’t seem to stop. I’m addicted to teasing you, so from now on, I’m going to try to find at least one teaser a week to post on here.

The one I had picked out for today (teaser #2) is really short, and since today happens to be New Year’s Day, I’m going to celebrate by giving you 2 teasers. So read on and enjoy these sneak peaks of Deception. Oh, and Happy New Year!!!!

P.S. Both Teasers have been slightly altered to stand alone.

Teaser #1

Quin kissed Layla’s forehead, and she was able to relax for the remainder of the trip, but the moment they entered Morrigan and Caitrin’s guest bedroom, she jerked to attention.

Quin jolted and tightened his hold on her. “What?”

Stunned into silence, Layla scanned the chamber, taking in every detail. Some were different, but for the most part, the room hadn’t changed in twenty-one years.

“What’s wrong?” Quin urged.

“Nothing,” she mumbled. “I just forgot.”

“Forgot what?”

“This room. It’s where my parents bonded.” She tilted her head and cocked an eyebrow. “I was conceived in this room.”

“Then it’s a very special room,” Quin noted.

“It is a special room,” she agreed, her voice muffled by a lump. “It’s where he asked her to marry him.” She held up her right hand, flashing the zultanite and diamond wedding ring. “Where he gave her this.”

“Will you be okay staying here?” Quin asked.

“Um,” she mumbled. “I think so.”

“But you’re not sure.”

“I am,” she insisted.

Quin took her word for it and carried her to the attached bathroom. “I’m going to use one of the other bathrooms and find you something to sleep in. Having your bare chest against mine is a dream come true, but I think you should sleep in clothes until the danger passes.”

“Okay,” she agreed. “May we keep our shirts off until we fall asleep?”

“I was hoping you’d ask, and yes we can.” He kissed her forehead then left the bathroom, closing the door behind him.

Layla turned to the sink and splashed water on her face, heavy-hearted, guilty, and at a loss for resolutions. Her new world was falling down around her, and if they didn’t come up with a way to stop Agro soon, all of them would die.

She sighed as she flipped off the light and opened the door, finding Quin standing nearby in a clean pair of pajama pants, his appearance ever tidy. Even the small lock of hair that always fell over his forehead looked like it belonged there, the tip of its wave parallel to the slanted end of his eyebrow. Once in a while he pushed it back, but it always returned.

“You move with super hero speed,” she noted, sliding the straps of her dress off her shoulders. “I’ll never be able to keep up with you.”

“I’d never leave you behind,” he vowed, watching her gown fall to the floor.

She tucked her fingers into his waistband and pulled him to the bed. Then she crawled to the pillows and lay on her back. “I believe you.”

After helping himself to a long look at her body, Quin moved to the spot beside her and propped his head on his hand. He reached for one of her curls as he spoke – something about healing her – but she didn’t comprehend. The image of him lying like that, in that room, was all too familiar. Only her memory wasn’t of a man with shiny dark eyes, but of a man with bright emerald eyes.

Tears blurred her vision as she reflected on her existence. Her parents’ love and sacrifice, the coven’s endangerment… her life – it had started much like this, moments after her dad lay in that room, just as Quin was lying, and looked at her mom, just as Quin was looking at her.

A lump consumed her throat as Quin’s dark eyebrows pinched together. “Layla?”

“You have to move,” she blurted, squeezing her eyes shut. “We have to do something different, lie a different way or… something.”

“Oh,” he exclaimed.

Layla felt his weight leave the mattress and opened one eye, finding him standing beside the bed. “I’m sorry,” she offered, already missing his warmth. “But I can’t handle the similarities. It’s weird and too much to take in.”

“I get it. You don’t have to explain.”

“Thank you.”

“Should we change rooms?”

“Can we make it look different? Maybe if we move the bed and I face the wall. There are enough pillows to hide the headboard.”

Quin scanned the room then smiled. “Close your eyes.”

“Okay,” she agreed, grinning as she obeyed.

Several minutes passed before he crawled into bed, but she patiently waited, beyond thankful for all the ways he took care of her. His body heat crept over her right side as he scooted close. Then he laid his fingers over her heart and kissed her lips.

“That was tasty,” she whispered, licking her grin.

He kissed her again then leaned back. “Open your eyes.”

She did, and her lungs yanked in air as she glanced between him and his creation. “Oh my god, Quin. It’s beautiful.”

Teaser #2

The enchanted guestroom was even more beautiful than Layla remembered, so she rushed her bathroom routine, anxious to return. Quin was already lying down in nothing but pajama pants, so Layla stripped to her panties and climbed in beside him.

“That was sexy,” he praised, pulling her closer.

She crossed her arms on his chest and propped her chin on them. “You’re sexy.”

He laughed as he brushed her hair back and took her cheeks. “I bet that’s the first time those words have ever left your mouth.”

“Did it sound stupid?” she asked, wrinkling her nose.

“No,” he assured. “It sounded like beautiful music.”

He drifted a finger down her spine, and she shivered while watching his eyes. Their dark depths were very expressive, sometimes conveying more than his mouth, but they didn’t tell her everything she wanted to know.

“There’s something I want to ask you,” she said, taking an unexpected plunge.

“Shoot,” he offered.

Now that she’d jumped, she feared delving deeper, so it took her several nervous seconds to go on. “Why haven’t you told me about your dreams?”

Copyright 2012 B. C. Burgess
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